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Bridging the gap between emotion and engineering to enhance the emotional connection with music and sound!

Tobin Jones is a mixing & recording engineer and producer based in the UK. His dedicated and professional approach is enhanced by a versatility and passion for a variety of genres, providing an eclectic showcase of his engineering talent. He revels in the nuance of sound and finds unique and creative ways to bring out the artist’s aesthetic; using unique analogue, digital and vintage equipment he adds warmth, texture and character.

As an audio engineer, his primary focus is enriching the emotional depth in music. Regardless of the music's style, instruments, or arrangement, He is committed to emphasising the emotional impact within a piece of music.

His approach goes beyond mixing tracks; it's about cultivating an environment that nurtures creativity and inspiration. Understanding the emotional narrative behind the music is key. Rather than reference tracks, he asks for a glimpse into the artist's emotional intentions of the song and their intended impact on the listener. This insight provides a deeper understanding of the artist's sonic aspirations.

Unveiling an artist's creative vision is a vital part of his process. Sometimes, artists are uncertain about their direction, and in these cases, Tobin, engages in discussions that explore the songs and the broader artistic concepts that drive the artist. These conversations set the stage for the sonic journey he undertakes with each project.

Together, he and the artist craft sonic landscapes that resonate with the artist's emotions and creative aspirations, fostering an environment where music goes beyond sound, creating a deeper emotional connection.